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Make Moving Easier to Live Better. Giving personalized service to reduce stress and save time and money, start to finsih for all workers.

We do that with (1) Proprietary 24/7 Secure Technology (2) Personal & Experienced On-Call Advisor (3) Tips, Tools, Checklists (4) Top Supplier Choices (5) Rebates, rewards, discounts

FlexRelo for Transferees

A consumer-centric product specifically designed for companies who want to empower their transferees to manage their own relocation process. However, want to provide the essential support of professional services along with a lump sum or reimbursement financial package to offset costs.

FlexRelo is a best-in-class service delivery model for companies to give their transferees the tools and resources needed to make better informed relocation decisions. Those tools and resources include personalized care, objective guidance, supplier choices and comparative costs, and control of decision-making. The results are a better experience with less stress and significant time and cost savings.

For a very low investment and high return, give your transferees expert and objective support that is easy to implement with customized integration.

Benefits For All Workers

For companies who care about giving their workforce no-cost, high-value benefits for major life events.

15 millions households move each year. Another 10-12 million refinance, remodel or are thinking about moving. This is disruptive to work focus and productivity.
EHV's winning combination of technology, experienced consultants and on-line service delivery model delivers high impact results for both company and workers.

Best of all - this great benefit applies to any worker -- every worker has a home! Implementation is also easy and client customized.

Secure your link, post on your benefit portal, and announce to your workers and retirees the availablity of this great benefit. Available option: ability to share with their family and friends.


Who is EHV?

Employee HomeView LLC, a woman-owned small business based in Ohio, is a team of thought-leaders and experienced profssionals in real estate, household goods moving, global mobility management and HR.

Our tenured team has passion about, and has dedicated their careers to helping both employers and workers when either job requirements or personal situations, including the ability to work from anywhere, result in changing homes. No matter the reason, or where the move occurs - local or elsewhere - there is disruption at both work and home. EHV provides the professional and personal resources, tools and guidance essential to minimize stress, time and cost when making these life changes. This allows workers to stay more focused at work..

EHV is different from other corporate relocation management firms. Our entire busineses focus in on worker-controlled moves versus corporate controlled moves. Our consumer driven model caters to the individual worker who is in charge of managing their own move and making decisions on service providers and costs, with or without any employer financial assistance to offset moving costs.

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